The National Football League Pro Player

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Takeo Spikes – The National Football League Pro Player

The National Football League has numerous big names on its card. Takeo Spikes is the one such big celebrity in NFL history. He is a former Football player having a tremendous record to his name. He played as a linebacker for 5 different franchises. He represented his teams as a captain in 13 out of 15 seasons in his NFL career.

Early Life and Passion for Football

Takeo Spikes had a great interest in football at a very young age. He was honored with multiple awards at an early age and was known as Georgia’s “Mr. Football”. He persuaded his football when he went to Auburn University. He studied liberal arts there and led his team with 136 tackles.


He has faced multiple injuries in his NFL career but whenever he came back, he came back stronger every time. He had a strong and good body shape, especially, his neck. He has measured his neck and found it to be 21 inches. He was known for his neck and was featured in a Magazine name, “The Body Issue”. His career was good enough to call him one of the biggest celebrities in the NFL. He is now hosting multiple talk shows regarding NFL where he interviews different players.