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Takeo Spikes

Takeo Spikes- The National Football League Pro Player

The National Football League has numerous big names on its card. Takeo Spikes is the one such big celebrity in NFL history. He is a former Football player having a tremendous record to his name. He played as a linebacker for 5 different franchises. He represented his teams as a captain in 13 out of 15 seasons in his NFL career.

Early Life and Passion for Football

Takeo Spikes had a great interest in football at a very young age. He was honored with multiple awards at an early age and was known as Georgia’s “Mr. Football”. He persuaded his football when he went to Auburn University. He studied liberal arts there and led his team with 136 tackles.

Professional Career

Takeo Spikes has represented five different franchises in his NFL career. He was first opted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1998. He played all regular and of season games for them and led his team in tackles. He became the captain of the team in 1999 and played as a Right Linebacker for all the games. This year was pretty good for him. He was supposed to be the most consistent player in the NFL as he hardly missed a match. However, he missed one in 2001 when his father died, and he played his next games wearing the wrist band having his father’s name on it.

He was offered $32 Million from the Buffalo Bills. This was a great deal that he hasn’t been getting from the Bengals. He was involved in 126 tackles while playing for Buffalo Bills. Pro Bowl’s first selection for the season 2003 was Spikes and it created a big peak in his career but unfortunately, after a short period of time injuries came into his ways and sadly, he was out of the game till 2006.

Philadelphia Eagles managed to trade Spikes in 2007. He was traded in exchange for David Walker.  He had a short career there as he couldn’t get much appreciation from the franchise. He had rough injuries at the start of his journey with the Eagles.

San Francisco 49ers signed Spikes for three years in 2008.  He led his team as a captain there and got the fame that was not tasted by him anywhere before. He was famous for his sack dance and good gameplay as he just missed 4 tackles throughout these three years.

He opted to play for San Diego Charges in 2011. The contract was for three years. He played two seasons there and he got a chance to play his 200th game there. There are not many players who get to celebrate this milestone. He was released by the San Diego Chargers in 2013 and he retired thereafter.

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