Takeo Spikes – The Most Jacked Football Player

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Takeo Spikes – The Most Jacked Football Player

Takeo Spikes – The Most Jacked Football Player

Takeo Spikes had an NFL career spanning over 14 years. Spikes was drafted into the National Football League by the Cincinnati Bengals following his MVP performance in the SEC Championship game for Auburn. Spikes and Auburn were narrowly defeated 30 – 29 by Peyton Manning’s Tennessee Volunteers. 

This did not influence the impact Spikes would have on the football field. Spikes was an instant starter, and led the Bengals in total snaps played, which led to him becoming team captain in the following 1999 season. He continued to play for the Bengals until 2003 and ultimately had a great career as a Bengal, becoming an integral part of their linebacker core. 

Spikes joined the Buffalo Bills after the Bengals failed to match the offseason bid for him. The 2003 season led to the first of two pro bowl selections for Spikes, where the second selection came in the subsequent 2004 season.

Following an unsuccessful 2007 season at the Philadelphia Eagles, Spikes joined Patrick Willis to become the duo Bamm Bamm and TKO. Spikes TV and TKO TV would become famous dances following sacks, which is a craze that has followed into the 2010’s.

The final move of his career saw him finish his football life at the Chargers. He joined a very slim group of linebackers to have 200 starts. Unfortunately for Takeo Spikes, he holds the record for the most regular season games without a playoff appearance. A stellar linebacker, but without a playoff game on record, it is hard to argue any case for him as a great linebacker.

During his career, Spikes has become infamous for the size of his neck and traps. The size of Spikes has gained attraction from ESPNs The Body Issue with an article dedicated purely to his neck and traps. 

Becoming a linebacker is arguably the most athletic position in the game of football. Spikes’ athleticism accompanied with his size is what made him a dominant linebacker. Linebackers are becoming bigger and bigger, with James Harrison and Takeo Spikes being the two most mammoth linebackers to grace the game in 21st century. 

Spikes finished his career with a colossal 1423 tackles, 29 sacks, 15 forced fumbles, 19 interceptions and 4 defensive touchdowns.

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