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About Takeo Spikes

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Takeo Gerard Spikes was born in Augusta Georgia on December 17, 1976.  Spikes is a great American football player. He started his career from college. He played the first time for Auburn University. In 1997 in the SEC championship game, Takeo led Auburn and defeated by Tennessee Volunteers. Spikes performed well and named MVP due to his outstanding performance. In 2016 Takeo received his Auburn degree.

Spikes is an American football linebacker. He played the National Football League. He entered in National Football League Draft in 1998.  And he was drafted in the first round by Cincinnati Bengals. He played regular and preseason games. He was the first rookie to lead the Bengals in tackles. In 1999 he became the team captain. He played as Right linebacker. He performed a good performance and recorded 128 tackles and he forced four fumbles.

He led his team in the solo and total tackle in 2001. Due to the death of his father he missed five games. He played his final season with Bengals in 2002. He played all the games this season. He performed very well this season. In his tenure with Bengals, he played 79 games. Overall he performed good performance with Bengals.

The Buffalo Bills offered $32 million over six years. He played the first season with Bills in 2003. Takeo earned his first Pro Bowl Selection in 2003 season. In this season Spikes recorded 126 tackles. He also recorded a pair of fumble recoveries and sacks. Spikes suffered to his right Achilles tendon on September 25, 2005. He was suffered while tackling Michael Vick. He was recovered in 2006 and he played 12 games while he missed 4 games.

Takeo Spikes do not like to be a part of the Bills youth movement. Spikes has traded as a part of the multiplayer deal to Philadelphia Eagles on March 26, 2007. He was sent to the Eagles for Darwin Walkers and a 2008 draft pick. He performed effectively in the first season. In week 14 of this season, he was suffered a torn rotator cuff injury. On March 6, 2008 Spikes was released by the Eagles.

Spikes signed a deal with San Francisco 49ers on August 10, 2008. They released Brandon Moore after the entering of Takeo. He was selected as a linebacker. Spikes resigned on February 27, 2009. He played three seasons with Niners. He played 47 games and missed one game of these three seasons. He recorded 198 tackles, five sacks, and six interceptions. Takeo also played with San Diego Chargers. He made a three years contract deal with San Diego chargers on July 26, 2011.

During his professional career, Takeo played many games with different teams and he also got many achievements. He made many deals with different teams. He earned a lot of money during his entire career. He got good fame due to his outstanding performance. He recorded hundreds of tackles in different seasons. He got injured many times during tackling games. After the death of his father, he dedicated his entire career to his father. Takeo got his master of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami Business School.

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