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About Takeo Spikes

All About Takeo Spikes Takeo Gerard Spikes was born in Augusta Georgia on December 17, 1976.  Spikes is a great American football player. He started his career from college. He played the first time for Auburn University. In 1997 in the SEC championship game, Takeo led Auburn and defeated by Tennessee Volunteers. Spikes performed well…
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Takeo – a gridiron warrior

Spikes Takeo is one of only 7 linebackers to achieve more than 200 career starts with the NFL.  13 out of his 15 he was team captain seasons of play. Takeo Spikes has the distinction of playing in 219 regular season games without a playoff appearance. Shortly after Jimmie and Lillie Spikes’ birth of their…
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Takeo Spikes

Takeo Spikes- The National Football League Pro Player The National Football League has numerous big names on its card. Takeo Spikes is the one such big celebrity in NFL history. He is a former Football player having a tremendous record to his name. He played as a linebacker for 5 different franchises. He represented his…
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