Month: July 2020

Takeospikes 51

Takeo Spikes talkes about QB Josh Allen

Takeo Spikes, a former Bills linebacker who appeared on a CBS Sports podcast, discussed the team’s prospects, including Josh Allen. Takeo Spikes said his expectations are the team will make a strong run at the AFC East title. Also, that this is because of stellar’s defense over the previous two years. Takeo veleives that Josh Allen…
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Takeo Spikes’s Injuries

Takeo Spike e has faced multiple injuries in his NFL career but whenever he came back, he came back stronger every time. He had a strong and good body shape, especially, his neck. He has measured his neck and found it to be 21 inches. He was known for his neck and was featured in…
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About Takeo Spikes

All About Takeo Spikes Takeo Gerard Spikes was born in Augusta Georgia on December 17, 1976.  Spikes is a great American football player. He started his career from college. He played the first time for Auburn University. In 1997 in the SEC championship game, Takeo led Auburn and defeated by Tennessee Volunteers. Spikes performed well…
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Takeo Spikes – The Most Jacked Football Player

Takeo Spikes – The Most Jacked Football Player Takeo Spikes had an NFL career spanning over 14 years. Spikes was drafted into the National Football League by the Cincinnati Bengals following his MVP performance in the SEC Championship game for Auburn. Spikes and Auburn were narrowly defeated 30 – 29 by Peyton Manning’s Tennessee Volunteers.  This…
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