Three key points for selecting stone
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Three points of the selection and identification of the stone must know:
First, color natural ornamental stone in addition to the need to consider the color selection, but also to consider the function of the building. In Home Furnishing, living room and bedroom decoration should use warm colors to show a warm and comfortable atmosphere; and for the bathroom, kitchen decoration should use Sudan elegant colder tone, to show clean.
Two, the intention of decoration and the influence of the environment are different because of the different parts used to decorate the natural ornamental stone, so the type of stone used is different. For outdoor building decoration, to withstand wind and rain and sun and water, granite does not contain carbonate, low water absorption, anti weathering ability, the best selection of various types of granite stone; for the hall floor decoration decorative stone, its physical and chemical properties of stability, high mechanical strength, should be the first choice for dado granite stone; and Home Furnishing bedroom floor decoration, the mechanical strength is a bit poor, should be chosen with beautiful marble pattern.
Three. The quality of the finished finishing stone can not be identified from the following four aspects.
The concept of. That is, the surface structure of the stone is observed by the naked eye. Generally speaking, the homogeneous fine structure stone has fine texture and is a good quality stone product. Coarse and unequal structure stone has poor appearance, mechanical and mechanical properties, and poor quality of stone maintenance. In addition, natural stones are often produced by some minor veins and micro cracks due to geological effects. Stone is most likely to rupture along these parts, so we should pay attention to it. As for the less angular and less angle, it is more beautiful, and should be paid attention to when choosing.
The amount of. That is, the size of the size of the stone, so as not to affect the splicing, or to cause the pattern, pattern, and line deformation after the splicing, and affect the decorative effect.
Listen to the. That is, to listen to the sound of the stone. Generally speaking, good quality, compact and uniform microcracks without any microcracks can make the percussion sound clear and pleasant. On the contrary, if there are microcracks or veinlet inside the stone, or the contact between particles will become loose due to weathering, the knocking will be rough.
The test. A simple test method is used to test the quality of the stone. Usually in the stone drops on the back of a drop of ink, the ink quickly disperse as leaching, said loose particles inside the stone or the existence of micro cracks, stone quality is not good; on the contrary, if the ink drops in place does not move, then the dense texture of the stone good.
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