Shanghai 14 stone companies other inspects the mouth, head of the port of destination
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  18th, Shanghai yun shi Ling Shi, Chairman Zhang Xuehua, East China Stone Forest magazine editor-in-Chief Xu Shaolong led, ling of stone industry in Shanghai International Limited, Shanghai Lin Yi stone company of 14 companies to observe on the ground the head of investigation of yangkou port.
  Stone business leaders visited the island of yangkou port sunlight viewing platform lingang industrial park, stone Park and several enterprises such as Ming Jieshi. Then heard of yangkou port were introduced, both sides exchange on stone for more development in the areas, Zhang Xuehua, Xu Shaolong think yangkou port stone park planning regular, rational, yangkou port stone Industrial Park close to East China's largest stone used in Shanghai. While transportation system developed, effective logistics cost savings, the observation visits, their investment in yangkou port became interested in stone Park.




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