In the first half of 2015 the haicang port stone total imports fell nearly thirty percent
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  According to inspection and Quarantine Bureau, haicang, Xiamen July 9, first half of 2015, which amounted to the acceptance inspection imported stones, 4201, mass 1.3036 million tons, value of $ 254 million, up batches fall 21.09%, weight loss, decreased value of 28.45%. Imported marble stone, 3568, 1.0512 million tons in weight, value of $ 199 million, up batches fall 23.47%, weight loss, decreased value of 29.93%; import granite building, 633, 252400 tons in weight, the value of $ 55 million, compared with batches fall 4.38%, weight loss, decreased value of 6.86%. Haicang port has shown a downward trend for six consecutive months.
  Stone imports total continued to fall for the following main reasons: one is the weak international economy and trade. Under the influence of global economic downturn, Europe and economic crisis continues to bring foreign orders reduced, domestic property slump and other factors. Second, the stone industry inventory pressure. Stone under the influence of marketing and financing channels, pressure on the stock, capital pressures. In recent years, stone processing enterprises in order to gain foreign mining stone, sign mining agreement with foreign miners, under the influence of falling demand, leading to stone processing raw materials there are a lot of inventory. Three are the stone processed the lack of brand awareness. Domestic export production focused on rough, not the brand, quality low return occurred due to quality problems were abroad. At present, the Fujian stone material production enterprise nearly 4,000 homes, but most manufacturers produce low-end products. Four-port comprehensive strength competition is increasing and stone processing industry up North with the perfection of port infrastructure around Xiamen, the opening of international routes, in order to reduce stone logistics costs, this choice of optimal routes to stone. Along with the North stone processing industry in Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu Nantong operate processing plants, so edge of Xiamen port will be affected to a certain extent.
  Big Xiamen Hong Kong imports stone countermeasures and the recommends: a is big stone processing trade industry chain, development stone processing trade will led port economic and the related industry chain benign cycle development; II is stone industry development needed policy support, expand enterprise financing channel, solution funds pressure, reduced production logistics cost, upgrade profit space; three is build industry upgrade transformation; to full awareness stone resources of limited, change production, industry upgrade, resources regeneration using, Improving the quality of products, to enhance the core competitiveness; four industrial development should keep abreast of the national policy, as "along the way" national strategy for construction and free trade policies, infrastructure construction to start, stone processing industry development opportunities expand foreign markets, relying on the development of modern logistics industry of Xiamen International stone fair platforms and expand e-commerce trading platform. (Lin Guocheng)



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