Three kinds of stone material of yellow rust and prevention
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  Normally causes of rust yellow from three aspects, and original material (that is, stone build phase), itself with unstable substrates in the iron rust yellow; the second, stone arising out of improper handling in the processing of stainless steel and yellow; the third, parts rusting after installation of pollution. Following from the above three aspects described.
  Primary rust yellow
  Marble interior contains iron minerals, such as iron carbonate, silicate minerals such as iron and iron sulfide, which in the previous chapter has detailed, iron with iron-bearing silicate minerals usually more stable, least stable iron sulfide, therefore, unstable iron sulfide stone surface rust yellow can be said to be the biggest cause of pollution. Also, biotite is more iron sulfide stable, but long-term in acid and water of role Xia, also may occurred oxidation rust and into limonite (Fe2O3, and nH2O), pollution stone formed rust yellow, even for rust Hou volume expansion and layer Layer peeling, thus in stone formed rust yellow, even for rust Hou volume expansion and layer Layer peeling, thus in stone surface formed small pit hole, Stone induced by improper rust yellow processing , Yuanshi steel see-saw process cutting, stone surface residual steel may be cleaned, after water vapor, forming rust. In General, after polishing, stone, rust usually does not happen again.
  After cutting, the second, stone acid, residual acids cause iron-bearing stone due to accelerated oxidation.
  Stone or dry method with wet strengthening method when installing its iron fittings are corroded and spread to the yellow stone surface rust. Due to the factors causing rust yellow is due to instability of the stone itself contains iron-bearing, or extraneous rust rust yellow due to water penetration to the stone surface.
  So, reducing the moisture content of stone, you can avoid the occurrence of yellow rust stone, other preventive measures are as follows:
  A stone before installation, applied for protection, prevention of water tablets to avoid iron-bearing with moisture and oxygen in the air caused by the oxidation of yellow rust.
  During the second, stone cleaning, avoid the use of acid detergent, acid easy to dissolve stones iron minerals, then further reacts with moisture in the air and cause yellow rust.
  Third, stone for dry method when installing, carefully choose the stainless steel parts, avoid hanging, rust and spilling over into the stone surface into rust-yellow. Renovation of stone saw blade wear, protective coating to avoid rust and yellow spread to the surface, forming pollution.


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