In case the ground stone crack, how to deal with the more appropriate?
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  Marble as the most common home decoration materials, we are not unfamiliar. But how much do you know about it? How do you deal with common cracking conditions?

  The first step: damage repair; the original stone broken surface of fill stone with the color of marble near glue. Then use the slot machine dedicated to the original stone stone installation of the raphe re neatly cut slot, make the width of gap becomes almost, and close to the stone color on the marble glue to fill. (Note: if the suture has been done before, there is no need to slit it from the new one)

  The second step: grinding cut mouth position; the use of granite refurbished machine, with special scissors grinding film, cut the mouth carefully polished, make it and stone become a plane whole.
  The third step: use the polishing machine for polishing; granite, stone tablets from the mill No. 50-3000 from coarse to fine grinding stone on the ground, smooth and bright as new.
  The fourth step: the marble crystallizing powder and crystallization; crystallization agent with stone retreading machine polishing, grinding stone and crystal powder under pressure to produce physical and chemical reaction under high temperature, crystals to form a compact protective layer, hard. After crystallization, the color and brightness can be enhanced, and the functions of anti-skid, waterproof and oil proof can be achieved.
  Huarun stone was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in natural stone processing, production, sales, installation of the modern enterprise, it is the Portuguese beige and cream in the world's largest supplier. Huarun stone has three large factories in the Fujian area, covers an area of 100 thousand square meters above: specializing in the production and wholesale marble slab Tiland factory, specializing in the production of special-shaped granite Runhua factory, and focus on the project and run the hardcover marble stone factory; has two factories in North China: Northern Beijing Runhua stone industry and North China and run stone industry in Tianjin; and a sales office in Shanghai. The company perennial inventory around the world in different varieties of slabs of 500 thousand square meters, many varieties, large reserves, high quality, which laid a foundation for the development of high-end products and quickly provide a variety of products for customers. The company has introduced a full range of advanced marble and granite stone production equipment, since its inception, has always been committed to the quality of natural stone dedicated to the community users.
  To provide high-quality natural stone and professional services, Huarun stone industry has always been the pursuit. The use of a full range of imported assembly line equipment, accurate processing,       Huarun quality assurance is excellent. Excellent corporate strength and brand services to ensure that the Huarun stone industry has become the preferred stone supplier for many large construction projects. The company relies on many years of accumulated experience in processing, with reasonable prices, excellent taste and attentive service attitude, based on the market. Products sold in large and medium-sized cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions, won the praise of customers.

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