CCTV's focus on oil drilling the nations stone city Beijing stone industry transfer
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  Recently, the news broadcast of CCTV news channel to "when the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaboration: the stress of largest stone town this month to move out of the wholesale market" as its theme, Beijing stone industry to undertake major land-universal stone city of huanghua port to be reported in detail. Six months time, huanghua port in stone town enterprises in 110 Nations, including Beijing enterprises accounted for 90%.
  Reported to Beijing stone dealer Zhang Zaiming for clues, introduced has he early by Beijing city, Chaoyang District, West straight River stone wholesale market relocation to huanghua port universal stone city Hou of development status: in universal stone city, Enterprise artificial cost greatly save, plant, and warehouse rent sharply declined, with near port of advantage, Enterprise freight also has reduced, while, local also on settled Enterprise give related duty-free policy, effective promote enterprise fast development. Up to now, the universal stone city of huanghua port infrastructure investment of 300 million Yuan, estimated an investment of 80 to 15 billion yuan, and half a year to attract businesses 110, annual output of up to 4.9 billion yuan. In late July, Chaoyang District, Beijing West River stone wholesale market will be moved, universal stone city of huanghua port will usher in more enterprises. In addition, the report also shows, large garment wholesale market in Beijing at present docked with the huanghua substantive cooperation.
  According to introduced, huanghua port universal stone city by Fujian huatai group joint both at home and abroad min business investment build, project built Hou, business stone type will reached five thousand or six thousand species, practitioners more than 100,000 more than people, huanghua port will integration port logistics, and production, and marketing, and business and local and foreign resources, elements, perfect stone resources of port logistics transport, and stone early processing, and stone processing and logistics transport, related supporting industry, achieved stone "industry chain" full cover.



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