Chinese stone market has entered a new round of adjustment period
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  As a kind of high-grade building decoration material, stone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. At present, the common stones on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and man-made stone, marble. After decades of development, stone industry share has leapt to the world's first. But in recent years, in the process of development, unreasonable industrial structure and low market demand at home and abroad and stone enterprises, Chinese stone industry has entered a new round of swap.
  1, from the domestic market, the continuous decline in the tooling market, home improvement market needs to be developed
  2, from the international market, the European Union, Japan, the Middle East and other major international market demand continues to slump, emerging market development lags behind
  3, from the enterprise itself, the product quality needs to be further improved, the product structure is irrational, the enterprise innovation ability is insufficient, and it can not meet the domestic and international market demand changes
  As the impact of economic and market changes on the stone industry is lagging behind, the national economy as a whole to stabilize the occasion, the stone industry is still showing downward trend. Plate output growth, above scale enterprises the main business income and total profit growth continued to decline, total profit growth for three consecutive years lower than the main business revenue growth, corporate profit margins continue to decline; while finished goods inventory and accounts receivable increase down year by year, but the finished goods inventory and accounts receivable net is increasing continuously; the scale of growth of corporate debt and interest payments, the enterprise funds pressure increasing; after two consecutive years of decline in imports of stone, has been at the lowest level since 2010.
  In the new period, the stone industry will show a different trend of development, mainly in five aspects.
  First, product prices continue to decline. Due to overcapacity, domestic high inventory, at least five years of consumption. Oversupply of crowded conditions, will inevitably lead to lower prices.
  Second, the depth adjustment of product prices. With the price going down, the market competition will be more intense, mergers and acquisitions, elimination, bankruptcy and other phenomena appear, forcing all aspects of the stone industry chain to adjust and upgrade.
  Third, the traditional channels are challenged. Industry integration accelerated, will inevitably lead to changes in channels. Meanwhile, the era of big homes, traditional channels will be further challenged, as soon as possible to achieve the depth of integration of electricity supplier mode and dealer business model.
  Fourth, environmental pressures continue to increase. Under the pressure of environmental protection, the stone industry has set off an industrial shift, transferring from traditional Fujian and Shandong to the Northwest provinces.
  Fifth, brand building has a long way to go. Stone enterprises in China are large in number, small in scale, concentrated in processing or wholesale, and lack of technology, services and brands. After entering the transformation and upgrading period, the future will show diversified development, brand building imminent.
  Expected in 2017, stone industry will continue downward trend, in the market and environmental protection grim situation, large enterprises will continue to innovate, the road will be wider and wider. The situation of differentiation between the two levels of large and medium-sized enterprises is becoming increasingly prominent, and it will be an inevitable trend to combine strong and powerful enterprises.
  Huarun stone was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in natural stone processing, production, sales, installation of the modern enterprise, it is the Portuguese beige and cream in the world's largest supplier. Huarun stone has three large factories in the Fujian area, covers an area of 100 thousand square meters above: specializing in the production and wholesale marble slab Tiland factory, specializing in the production of special-shaped granite Runhua factory, and focus on the project and run the hardcover marble stone factory; has two factories in North China: Northern Beijing Runhua stone industry and North China and run stone industry in Tianjin; and a sales office in Shanghai. The company perennial inventory around the world in different varieties of slabs of 500 thousand square meters, many varieties, large reserves, high quality, which laid a foundation for the development of high-end products and quickly provide a variety of products for customers. The company has introduced a full range of advanced marble and granite stone production equipment, since its inception, has always been committed to the quality of natural stone dedicated to the community users.
  To provide high-quality natural stone and professional services, Huarun stone industry has always been the pursuit. The use of a full range of imported assembly line equipment, accurate processing, Huarun quality assurance is excellent. Excellent corporate strength and brand services to ensure that the Huarun stone industry has become the preferred stone supplier for many large construction projects. The company relies on many years of accumulated experience in processing, with reasonable prices, excellent taste and attentive service attitude, based on the market. Products sold in large and medium-sized cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions, won the praise of customers.

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