The proportion of stone industry will continue to expand in the future, China's stone production accounts for nearly 20% of the world
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Stone industry is one of the traditional industries in the world. After cutting, grinding and modeling, stone is widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of various buildings. As a kind of building material products, stone occupies a large proportion in the global building materials output value, and this proportion will continue to expand in the next 10 to 15 years.
After the Chinese stone industry since 2005, the world's largest producer and exporter of stone, consumer, has been maintained for 8 consecutive years of rapid growth, and accounted for nearly 20% of global stone processing, production, Chinese stone industry is becoming a hot spot of the world market, driving the global stone industry sustainable development.
The stone is divided into marble, granite, sandstone and many other categories, there are thousands of varieties, because has the characteristics of scarcity, environmental protection, pure natural, high quality, has been selected for large public construction projects around the world, high-grade building, home decoration.

Stone industry prospects for future development, the state announced the "manufacturing 2025" for the transformation and upgrading of stone industry pointed out the direction. First of all, the requirements of industry innovation, including product innovation and integrated innovation. The stone has a strong personality, and the product design has always been the gap between China stone products and Italy, Spain and other powerful countries. The main reason is that the concept of enterprise development is not in place, the majority of imitation, copying and homogenization develop, and the consciousness of independent innovation is not strong.

Secondly, the strength of enterprises is limited, and no R & D capability. Third, the protection of intellectual property rights is not enough, and the industrialization of scientific research results is affected. In addition, the application of decoration products depends not only on the product itself, but also on the spatial effect of the product integration, which requires the ability to design the whole solution. Judging from the current stone industry, a large number of enterprises in the division of industrial value chain, only in the production and processing stage. A large number of products for the stone board, is an intermediate product, the final application, but also decoration engineering company for two times. Secondly, to strengthen the integration of the two, and promote intelligent manufacturing. Stone industry is now only mechanized, automated, intelligent, network level gap. Flexible manufacturing, demand oriented, is the development trend of the stone industry in the future.
The application of stone products has higher professional requirements for its design, transportation, installation and maintenance. Establish a sound service system, one-stop service, is the future trend of consumption. The development of customization, industrial cloud service and industry big data platform of the Internet Crowdsourcing design, cloud manufacturing and other new manufacturing mode based on open type eco industrial system the establishment of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, is an important part of the upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
With the strengthening of ecological environment protection in China, the demand for resource conservation and protection has been raised, and green development and sustainable development of stone industry have become the only way for industrial development. In recent years, the development of stone in various areas has become more and more prominent due to the protection of forest land, the protection of natural landscape, the delineation of ecological functions, the control of soil erosion and the tourism facilities. The demand for the future is also getting higher and higher.
Around the stone industry cluster development is no longer a single stone industry development as the goal, the development of stone industry in conjunction with the new four modernizations, new urbanization, poverty, employment, industrial integration, the establishment of industrial town, this is the new target of future stone industry cluster development.
To improve the country as the goal, the development of stone industry in conjunction with the new four modernizations, new urbanization, poverty, employment, industrial integration, the establishment of industrial town, this is a new target in the future development of stone industry cluster. Manufacturing innovation capability is the nine strategic task and focus of "made in China 2025". Public entrepreneurship and innovation are the new driving force of economic development in China's new normal. The innovation and development of the stone industry is one of the important tasks in the new era. The main contents include the existing enterprises to accelerate the technological transformation of industrial clusters, and optimize the production process, the use of advanced equipment, eliminate inefficient backward equipment, so that the overall level of the enterprises within the cluster to a new level; to encourage and support the stone production of new technology, new technology, new equipment development and promotion; vigorously promote product innovation.
The stone industry in shambles alone forward, feeling the stones. Stone industry prospects are bright, but the road is very tortuous. In the industry pioneer of the clash, the future is good, if you want to do?
Huarun stone was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in natural stone processing, production, sales, installation of the modern enterprise, it is the Portuguese beige and cream in the world's largest supplier. Huarun stone has three large factories in the Fujian area, covers an area of 100 thousand square meters above: specializing in the production and wholesale marble slab Tiland factory, specializing in the production of special-shaped granite Runhua factory, and focus on the project and run the hardcover marble stone factory; has two factories in North China: Northern Beijing Runhua stone industry and North China and run stone industry in Tianjin; and a sales office in Shanghai. The company perennial inventory around the world in different varieties of slabs of 500 thousand square meters, many varieties, large reserves, high quality, which laid a foundation for the development of high-end products and quickly provide a variety of products for customers. The company has introduced a full range of advanced marble and granite stone production equipment, since its inception, has always been committed to the quality of natural stone dedicated to the community users.
To provide high-quality natural stone and professional services, Huarun stone industry has always been the pursuit. The use of a full range of imported assembly line equipment, accurate processing, Huarun quality assurance is excellent. Excellent corporate strength and brand services to ensure that the Huarun stone industry has become the preferred stone supplier for many large construction projects. The company relies on many years of accumulated experience in processing, with reasonable prices, excellent taste and attentive service attitude, based on the market. Products sold in large and medium-sized cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions, won the praise of customers.


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