Imitation stone jade bead environmental protection not expensive popular market
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  Jurassic beige to tianshan snow from jade green to brown color of the original stone, travertine from hole to hole-free stone, jade corner of technology innovation and pattern styles under the stimulus of total consumption endlessly. Especially in recent years, stone imitation jade corner has become one of the highlights of the building materials market, its populist prices allow more people to enjoy the unique texture of expensive stone.
  imitation jade jade corner popular
  It is well known that natural stone as a scarce resource, not only is expensive, is more important for a large number of mining will destroy the ecosystem of nature. Also let a lot of people its natural radiation concerns. "And the emergence of imitation jade natural stone corner, not only to avoid the contamination, while lowering the cost of natural stone 1/3. "Hui Bao Jian Tao Wu Qiubo, Chairman of the supermarket, Spring Hill said.
  Reporters visited the national security, the Thai home, ornaments and other large home building market is aware, currently on the market, both crystallized and the stone, imitation stone such patterned jade corner styles are increasingly favored, especially in the more popular imitation jade jade corner.
  to avoid uneven color intensity
  "Although the angle relative to the normal pattern of imitation stone jade jade corner high, but due to the beautiful atmosphere and beautifully vivid, still loved by the majority of consumers. "Decorated city jade corner brand shopping Miss Chen said. It is understood that with the advancing technology of jade corner, imitation stone jade corner also overcomes the disadvantage of uneven natural stone color intensity. Guoan jade corner businesses, Mr Lam said, corner stone jade-like through the use of digital ink-jet technology, make better interface between the different jade corner harmony, avoiding the disadvantages of natural stone is flawed, according to the personal preferences random paving.
  "Currently available corner stone jade-like black, white, grey, green, yellow, blue and other colors, which is convenient and match different shades of furniture, and can increase the layers of floors, walls and a sense of space. "Rambler said Feng Gong, Director of design and decoration.
  mix tips
  European style selected marble stone corner
  Corner of imitation marble stone jade, is to build a European-style option.   Choose white as the background or color of shallow lines like jade stones corner, can build a simple and noble qualities.
  Classic style light wear dull
  Classic home environment generally are darker in color, select the color and soft, even texture, delicate, light stone jade-like corner, you can let the space is quiet, soft, is a typical style of understated luxury.
  Mix a simple mix of complex
  Imitation jade stone corner mix to focus on simple and complex, mix of dark and light. Minimalist style can be worn with a little exaggeration, color stone jade-like corner of the complex, and can make the entire space from a unified and simple and empty.



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